Datamuse API v1.1

The Datamuse API, our word-finding tool for developers, is now a year old! It now answers nearly 3 million queries each day from Datamuse's websites OneLook and RhymeZone, as well as from educational apps like Voice Dream Writer, RapPad, and Flocabulary.

A new minor version of the API, 1.1, is publicly available today. This upgrade includes some accuracy improvements to the "means like" (ml) and "sounds like" (sl) constraints.   It also lets developers get some useful metadata about the words and phrases that come back from /words queries: pronunciation, definitions, word popularity, and broad syntactic categories. 

These metadata fields can be used to segment, order, or filter results for end users. For example, the OneLook Thesaurus uses the metadata to segment the answers by part-of-speech and show definitions when the user clicks on a word. The new RhymeZone advanced search interface uses the word frequency data to break ties when sorting through the rhymes for a given word. 

For more info, please see the Datamuse API docs, in particular the new section on metadata flags. If you want to get started using the API, consider using one of the client libraries that developers have added over the past year. 

Note that the API is still geared for English only, but more languages are coming in the next year.