Announcing the Datamuse API

The first version of the Datamuse API is now generally available and free for everyone to use!   See for more info, including complete docs and examples.

If you're a developer interested in adding some kind of word search feature to your app, you might find the API useful.  It's already been used in two assistive writing tools, a few search boxes (for intelligent autocomplete), and word games.  It also powers key parts of RhymeZone and OneLook.   

Over the past 20 years we've received hundreds of requests for some kind of programmatic access to the data behind our sites from developers eager to make their own writing-oriented apps.  This API finally gives you access to this data, and much more.  We're excited to see what else people create with this service, and we look forward to adding more apps of our own in the near future. 

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Looks good. Do you know if the /words?sp query takes a param to use "crossword mode" in pattern matching (like OneLook's customization)? e.g. something that would allow /words?sp=b?gband to return "big band"
Warren, that option isn't yet exposed in the API. I'll add it to the list of things to do. Question for you: If the crossword mode were available, would you have any reason to use the "regular" mode? (I'm wondering if I should just make "crossword mode" the default) Thanks! -- Doug
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